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John Hay PTSA Meeting

January 22, 2024


6:30pm - Call to order

  • Approval of proposed Jan/Feb Membership Meeting agenda


Every Child Wins!

  • Jan. 29 - Feb. 9

  • $150,000 Fundraising Goal

  • Ms. Hansen producing video

  • School assembly kick-off on Jan. 29 at 3pm.  All families are invited to attend!


Board Vacancies

  • After School Enrichment Chair

    • Erika Rubenson 

  • Treasurer

From Bylaws:

“If a vacancy occurs in a local PTA or council office, the executive committee may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next membership meeting. At the next membership meeting nominations shall be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee. The election shall be by ballot vote. A majority vote is necessary to elect. The election may be by voice vote if only one candidate is nominated for an office. The newly elected officer shall immediately assume the duties of the office. “


  • Nominations from the floor:

    • Greg Szeto


After School Enrichment Update (Erika)

  • Update on programs

  • Call for volunteers


Cultural Heritage Night Update (Chisaki & Aida)


Treasurer’s Report (Michael)

  • Budget and Actuals update

2023-2024 Budget


Membership Update


Mark Your Calendars

1/26 - School Concert,  6pm

3/11 - March/April PTSA Membership Meeting, 6:30pm

3/15 - Cultural Heritage Night

4/19 - Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

5/20 - May PTSA Membership Meeting, 6:30pm

6/7 - Carnival

6/17 - PTSA Membership Meeting, 6:30pm - Board Elections


Principal’s Report (Dr. Morisco)

7:30pm - Adjourn

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