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Our Efforts Make a Difference

The John Hay Elementary PTSA will be using all fundraising opprutunities to help with things gearing towards the school. With your donations you will be helping with such things as school functions, children in need, yearbooks and the newest item is adding to our teachers funds! The PTSA reimburses teachers for supplies they buy outside of the normal start of school supplies. We feel this will help our teachers out so much and be able to have more items for our students! 


The Annual Fund will be different this year as all the money raised will be going back into the school. The PTSA will be using the money to go towards school events as well as children in need. We want to make sure everyone can be included!


We have teamed up with 1st Place Spiritwear who will take your order online and drop ship directly to your house. The John Hay PSTA get 10% of any order.


Kids and parents alike love to have a traditional paper Yearbook each school year. A small markup goes toward our John Hay PTSA fund.

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